Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Otovalo market

I found one of my favorite places in the world today -- Otavalo. Otavalo is an indigenous community several hours outside of Quito. Twice a week there is an indigenous people's marketplace in the center of town. I loved it! I loved the culture and the vibes and all the different traditional crafts of the people. The crafts at the Otavalo market are very spiritual and full of color. The indigenous people -- the Otavalenos that live beneath an active volcano -- dress colorfully in native weavings. I bought several things from the market: some handmade colorful patchwork bags, woven belts, handcrafted earrings and a rainbow woven headband. The market spans more then five miles, with an assortment of different unique crafts, indigenous art, colorful clothes and local food. My idea of a dreamland!
I took this trip accompanied by my Ecuadorian madre, Lupita, and her best friend, Carmen. The drive from Quito to Otavalo was amazingly beautiful -- it was misting but warm, and the steep mountainsides overwhelmed me.

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