Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back in Quito

Transitioning back form my luscious jungle island paradise to the cold fast streets of Quito has been one of the hardest thing in my trip thus far. I felt so at home and so loved on Mamitupu surrounded by beautiful people, a dream like environment with art and culture of my dreams! I love Quito, but it is different, it is grimy and fast-paced and city. So today was by far my hardest day in a while. I would close my eyes and feel myself sitting on the beach with my friends and feel the breeze and the smells and I would get sad. I have different images and moments playing over in my head and every time I thought these thoughts I would cry. Everyone thought I had lost my marbles. I am the type of person who doesn’t feel the sadness or memories right when they happen, rather they hit me after it’s over.

But besides being an emotional mess, I did get stuff done. I found a Spanish teacher, recommended by another intern at El Frente, and set up our first class. I also signed up for kick boxing classes that start next week.

I had an intense day with random flashbacks of my Kuna dreamland, but overall I am glad to be back, I missed my Ecuadorian family, so that is a good thing. But overall I keep thinking about Mamitupu and how my one week island adventure has changed my life forever.

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