Friday, July 17, 2009

Prom from midnight to 6am.. dancin' time!

Another reason I came to Latin America, other than to learn Spanish and help the environment, is to immerse myself in another culture. I have been enjoying, observing and participating in Ecuadorian life. There are many different types of people in Ecuador and it is interesting to see how they interact with each other and in the world as a whole.

I have been hanging out a lot with my Ecuadorian sister Cande and her friends. I have been spending time with them on the weekends and during the week doing various activities, but today I did lots of things in one night. First we went to a concert of Mono Especiala, a funk group with beat boxers and break dancers yet sophisticated with a European vibe. I loved it!

Then our friends picked us up and about ten of us went to a discotheque called Club Blues. I have been there several times and like it a lot. I love the vibes of the club and the music. And on Thursdays women are free, so that was a plus.

By this time it was about midnight and it was time for the last event of the night -- prom. Prom here is very different then the US. It starts at midnight and goes to six am, each school has about three different types of proms and parents are invited. Another set of friends picked us up and we changed in the car and went to prom. The comparison of two very different events with the same name was fascinating. I enjoyed both of them with their differences. This prom had bands that played tropical-pop, Latin classics, and reggaton, and they served quiche and steak. Anyone can go to prom, so there were tons of people. It was a blast. I was on the dance floor all night, dancing until the sun came up!

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