Monday, July 20, 2009

Traveling Quito streets solo!

Today was the first day that I navigated the Quito streets and the various forms of public transportation all by myself. Almost everyday I take the bus with my sister Cande, but today I went solo bolo. I caught the bus in front of my house and then got off and transferred at at a big intersection. I sat on the bus for a half an hour and then disembarked my bus at the main bus station in Quito. At the station I walked to the trolley station and got on the trolley that runs through the center of Quito and I got off at different stops for different destinations.

All the buses here are green and are called whatever the driver wants them to be, there is no uniform name for the buses. My first bus was called Espejo (mirror) and my second bus was called Jesus Cristo mi Savor (Jesus Christ is my Savior). The buses don’t really have set routes, just destinations, they also don’t have time schedules, they come when they come.

Once on the bus, you are bombarded with loud music from the radio. These buses and trains are tight, like in the same level of New York subway tight: these buses pack people in like sardines in a can. Besides the cramped quarters, there are street vendors who hop off and on the bus selling oranges, gum, lottery tickets, and candy. Even though it sounds like craziness, these buses are quite simple and inexpensive to navigate. A bus ride is definitely an experience, but I love new adventures and for me every bus ride is exciting!

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