Friday, June 19, 2009

On my journey...

Hello World!
My name is Carmel Marie Snow Barron Dunlap Clearwater, but its simply easier if you just call me Carmel. I am a seventeen year old going to be senior at Berkeley High School (Berkeley, CA) in the Arts and Humanities Academy (AHA). I am a Bay Area Nomad, with travel in my blood and I am taking my first solo adventure exploring, discovering, and living in Central and South America for the next nine weeks.

When I am not traveling the globe I love creating art with fabric, metal, wood and other random and exciting found materials. Last summer I went to CSSSA, California State Summer School for the Arts, which inspired me to intertwine and weave art of all kinds into every aspect of my life. I want to change our world, through art, environmental justice and leadership. Through these three passions I decided to create and host two fashion shows and a workshop as well as participating in other events at the Rock Paper Scissors Collective, RPS, (Oakland, CA) and the Bioneers Conferences (Marin, CA). I also further my leadership and creative skills with programs like the Future Leadership Institute (FLI), the Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF) and The Mosaic Project. All these organizations, communities and individuals have inspired me to get out in the world and make a difference. Besides planning and organizing events, workshops, shows, and trips I love to go on black and white film adventures, climb tree houses / buildings, collage paper creatures, re-craft old clothes, go nature runs, and most of all travel and explore the crevices and volcanoes of the world.

This summer I am traveling to Ecuador and Panama. I am not going with a school program or an organization; I am going on my own self crafted adventure. My adventure is a remix of ideas and dreams including working with indigenous peoples to better the planet, earth friendly education, creating and respecting art of the indigenous peoples, learning the Spanish language and just living and immersing my self in another culture. I am leaving on Friday for Quito, the capital of Ecuador, where I will be staying near by in a city called Cumbaya. I am ridiculously excited for my endeavor! I have been planning, scheduling and networking with my various communities for months and finally my trip is beginning only hours from now!!! I will be updating my blog with interesting and real tid bits of my life to whoever cares to know. I want to bring my experiences to the world and share all the beauty, amazement, and flaws of the world as I experience it.

I am bringing many things like clothes, gifts and a lot of silly yet necessary little things all squeezed in one small suitcase and my rocket ship backpack which will come everywhere I go. I am almost packed and ready to fly away!