Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I went to historical Old Town in Quito and felt like I had stepped through a portal into an old time Spanish city. The architecture was so amazing, very old and interesting, as well as the stores and the energy of the people living in this part of the city. I feel in love with the old time charm and charisma of the cobblestone streets and the pure gold interior churches. I ventured to Old Town with one of my Ecuadorian hermanas (sisters), Candelaria, and saw the real Quito via the trolley.
The thing that interested me the most in Old Town are these button-like medallions. They are gold plated and have different types of symbols and images traditional to Ecuador stamped onto the metal surface. The family selling these medallions had been making them for years. You can also custom make your own with computer images and words, so Candelaria and I decided we should come up with a really raw design and have some made for us!

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