Saturday, August 1, 2009

The premiere of the documentary Crude

This morning I went with a few of my work buddies to Napo, a cute little nearby town along the the Napo river in the jungle. We went swimming in the river and spent hours jumping off the rocks. Then we returned to our hotel and went swimming in the swimming pool, and then (because obviously I can’t get enough swimming!) went to swim in the creek near the hotel with some buddies.
After all my swimming extravaganzas it was late and we needed to get ready for the premiere of the documentary film Crude. So we showered and went out to town. The premiere was shown in a coliseum in the middle of Tena. El Frente had bused people in from the jungle, and many people from Tena and nearby also came to watch this film. As I mentioned in my posting yesterday, this film is about a lawsuit against ChevronTexaco about their destruction of the environment in the Amazon region in the north of Ecuador. The film showing was a success. The stadium was full and many other important environmental people from Ecuador attended and spoke. The local people believed that the film told their story well, and hoped that it might cause the the world to hear and do something to help.
You can find out more about this from El Frente's website:

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