Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chillin in the jungle

After the Crude film première and a fun night of local after parties in Tena, we slept in late at our orchard garden hotel. When I finally woke up, I got out of bed and swam in a swimming pool that looked oddly like a polar bear pool you might see at the zoo. We also swam in the river near by. It was a chill hang out day in the jungle. I went on hikes with my work mates and explored the amazing land of the Amazon rainforest.
It felt so good to be here in the real wilderness. I could breathe better since the air was so fresh and I noticed that I became more one with the earth. I know it might sound corny but I felt really connected to our planet and was devastated when we had to leave.
We left Tena on a bus. I stood up for most of the four hour ride but it was okay. I did finally get a seat with my friend and immediately fell asleep. But I almost sleep too hard in any car, bus or train and I almost missed my bus stop, but I woke up on time.

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